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WordPress Year in Review: The Best Tutorials of 2011

2011 has seen a lot of changes in Wordpress with loads of new features and updates. We also saw Wordpress grow as a CMS. It has become the top most CMS platform used in the world. It has a content management system market share of around 54.3% Here is a round up of some of the the best, unique and useful Wordpress tutorials written in 2011 and what to expect in the future.

The following round up of tutorials is my latest article written for WPTuts+. It contains the following sections of tutorials:

  • Theme Development Related Tutorials
  • Plugins Related
  • WordPress Security Related
  • Data Analysis
  • Troubleshooting and Debugging WordPress
  • WordPress Post Management Related
  • Looking forward to 2012

Here is a preview of the article.

Theme Development Related

Deploy Your WordPress Blog to the Cloud

For the last decade, hosting a large scale web application has been a daunting task, reserved only for experts. Not anymore; when Amazon opened its server architecture, everything changed. Computer hardware moved to the cloud, and became available to any and all developers. In this tutorial, we will install WordPress in the cloud.

Tutorial Link

WordPress Security Related

Quick Tip: Backing Up Your Blog with VaultPress

As with almost every other web app, WordPress stores information in a database. There’s always a chance that your data could be lost or corrupted, and it’s wise to have a solid backup strategy in place. This is where VaultPress enters the scene to save the day, providing complete backup and security for your WordPress site.

Tutorial Link

Check out the complete list of the best tutorials of 2011 by visiting my latest article at WPTuts+. Also do leave your suggestions and feed backs. Would love to know what kind of tutorials and round ups you would like to read in the future.

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Thanks for this useful tips. Great job.

Thanks for the cool info

this so nice and I like it.
Thanks that you sheared this.
great job..

Thanks for this useful tips. Great job.

Definitely some real good nuggets in here. Thanks for putting this together.

Thanks for the tips really helpful.
Will certainly check out VaultPress

Thanks for this excellent review. It has given me a clear concept about the best tutorials of WordPress in 2011.

WordPress is the best. Thanks a lot for sharing this useful information.

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