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The Launch!

The Launch!

We are proud to launch the new version of Code-pal. The previous version was a static xHTML/CSS site and its redesign was long overdue. We basically needed a content management system to manage our portfolio as well as a blog to share stuffs and give back to the web community. So we ended up using Wordpress to achieve our target.

Code-pal started as a company which provides PSD to XHTML/CSS services. But since our first launch, in January 2009, we have grown with time and expanded our range of services. The previous version of code-pal was a very dark themed website and was more of a fun site rather than a professional one. There were many drawbacks of the previous version. To name a few, it was a static site and as our work experience grew, it was a very time consuming task to update our portfolio at regular intervals. The biggest disadvantage was that there was no blog. The main aim behind redesigning the site was to integrate a blogging system within the site where we can share, learn basically interact with the web community.

This is how the homepage of our previous site looked like:


The main features of this new site are as follows:

The home page consists of a giant portfolio viewer, order form, a feed of what our client’s say about us and a recent blog post section. The portfolio is a simple page consisting of all the work we have done till now some details about each of them. The services page enlists all the services we are currently providing.

In the project section, we are going to display all the projects and research work we have worked upon or are pursuing. The download section is going to consist of a wide variety of freebies which you can download and share. At present, we are going to start by providing free xHTML/CSS templates and later on we will be increasing our stocks with different stuffs like wordpress/joomla themes. We are also working on a windows desktop application at present and soon will be launching a free version of it too.

The blog section is going to be all about tutorials, articles, news and stuffs. Initially, we are going to start writing about coding and web development only. There are loads of awesome web development communities out there and we want to pitch in with whatever we can to help this web community grow and prosper. This can only be possible if we receive the same love, support and encouragement from you.

The homepage of the new site looks like this:

code-pal new site design

Even before the officially launching the site, we have provided two templates for download. Over the new few days you might constantly see some changes here and there. We are still in the process of completing the whole design process and fixing stuffs here and there. Please feel free to review our site. Don’t hesitate to comment if you like the redesign or even if you hate it. Of course let us know the reason behind it too. We warmly welcome suggestions on how to improve it further.

-Sumeet Chawla

Your friendly neighbourhood coder.

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congrats for the re-launch!!

Wow, I didn’t see the original design Sumeet, this is about 1000 times better.

Congrats on the relaunch and hope to see some more good stuff to come.

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