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Structure Sealant C. Ltd.


Case Study

Structural Sealant Contracts Ltd. are specialist sealant applicators based in London. The company is somewhat related to the Formworks Construction Company. We recently upgraded the Formwork site by implementing a customized WordPress content management solution. As being related to the Formwork Company, they got the chance to experience the internal workings of the website. They were really impressed by it and approached Buck Design Ltd. to re-design their website and we were given the responsibility to implement the content management solution. Along with the CMS implementation, we also provided some advanced features like recruitment system, Google map integration etc.

The Challenge

The site was pretty similar to the Formwork Company site as the two companies are related. But still there were many changes to the site with respect to the design. Even though the site was similar to the Formwork site, it was our job to give it a fresh appeal, user interaction wise.

CMS needed to be very efficient in managing the content and specially the images. There were a lot of images on every page and our task was to make everything dynamic such that the client could even change the images from the backend of the website. The homepage of the side needed a carousel of the featured posts and the featured news integrated as one continuous stream.

Similar to the Formwork site, we had to implement proper custom designed scroll bars as all the pages were of static height. It was necessary such that the content would not be restricted and the design won’t be ruined because of the default scroll bars.

The portfolio page was similar to the Formwork site in the way that the client could upload any number of project images. But it was still different because the project images were of a larger size and occupied most of the area of the page. Hence, it was really important to manage the images in such a way that it does not affect the loading time of the page and give a blank page feel.

Again, similar to the Formwork Site, the news and recruitment pages needed simple methods for posting new entries. The recruitment page required a special recruitment form which was to be linked with the respective recruitment posting. The contact page required a simple contact form and Google Map integration, displaying the location of the office.

The Solution

WordPress was again used as the CMS for the site. WordPress' immense flexibility and features like custom posts and custom taxonomies made the content management very efficient and user friendly. It also made our work easy in implementing the multi type carousel at the homepage.

CSS3 and jQuery were used a lot throughout the site to give its user interactivity a modern feel keeping it simple and user friendly. The scrollbars blended perfectly with the design and helped overcome the content restriction due to static height problem.

The project images were optimized and the customized backend uploading mechanism made the task of uploading heaps of images very easy. They were implemented using a slideshow approach such that one image is displayed at a time. This enabled all the other images to load on time and not destroy the design flow of the site.

Implementing the contact form was easy where as the recruitment form was a bit tricky as we had to link the form to the respective recruitment posting. The Google Map integration was also smooth because of the awesome API provided by Google.

Launch Website

They really liked the CMS implemented on the Formwork site and wanted to get their site re-designed and implemented in a similar manner.


Buck Design Ltd.

Skills Used

Wordpress, PHP/mySQL, jQuery, xHTML/CSS3

Project Highlights

The new website improved their online presence by a big margin. The customized content management system helps a lot to easily manage the content and the images, enabling them to update their projects quickly and keeping their site up to date without investing too much time.