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Quick Tip: Using Shortcodes in Theme Development

The WordPress Shortcode API was introduced to WordPress in Version 2.5. Since then, it has become a widely used method for allowing quick customisation of layout and inserting certain formatting snippets. But shortcodes can be equally useful when creating WordPress themes – here’s how you can make full use of them!

Envato just launched their latest tuts+ site WPTuts+. This site is completely dedicated to wordpress and I am sure I will be writing  many tutorials there in the future :) . This is one of the quick tips I wrote for WPTuts+ which briefly explains how you can use the powerful shortcodes feature provided by WordPress.


Shortcodes have many benefits if used properly in theme files. If you are familiar with preprocessor macros in C / C ++, then shortcodes can serve a somewhat similar function in WordPress. The basic purpose of using a shortcode is to replace the placeholder with your own custom piece of HTML code when the server sends the page to the client side. The steps involved in creation and implementation of shortcodes are as follows…

You can check out the complete quick tip at the new  WPTuts+ site . Do share your comments and views regarding this quick tip and also any suggestions for tutorials you would like to read :) .

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That is definitely an awesome tip!Thanks!!

short-codes are very useful now… i understood the importance, thanks guys…
i am surprised, actually they have been tied up with, Google And ICICI Bank For Sponsors

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