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Backing up your Wordpress blog with Vaultpress

Quick Tip: Backing Up Your Blog with VaultPress

As with almost every other web app, WordPress stores information in a database. There’s always a chance that your data could be lost or corrupted, and it’s wise to have a solid backup strategy in place. This is where VaultPress enters the scene to save the day, providing complete backup and security for your WordPress site.


VaultPress is the latest product from Automattic (the creators of which provides around the clock, complete backup of your WordPress blog. It performs a synchronization of every post, comment, media file, revision and dashboard setting across at least two separate cloud services.

If that is not enough, they provide continuous security, disaster recovery and also help you in the migration of your blog to a new host. All this sounds interesting, and if you want to start backing up and securing your blog right away, then this Quick Tip will have you set up in five minutes!.

This quick tip is one of my tutorials at WPTuts+ Check out the complete tutorial here.

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I use XCloner for years and it works great. Plus it totally free now!

Check it out!

I am going to try this one!!Anyway, thank you for sharing it to us…

Is this tool really helpful? I cant be so sure if I will use this…

I’m getting forward to try this tool, hope it will satisfy me..Thanks for sharing..

Nice plugin it should be tried by everyone.
fap turbo expert guide

“They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety.”

I want to try using this tool…

This tool is really after…Great news to all of us!!

Thanks for the tip and I am looking forward to try this out…

This is the first time I have heard of vaultpress and I think I have to try it out then…

I know some of the information about vaultpress and now this post adds to my knowledge about it…

Thanks for the additional information here and I will definitely share this to my friends…

Glad I have seen this site…Need this so much..

I am actually not familiar with Vaultpress and I think I have to learn more of it and apply it to my blogs…Thank you for the great idea!!

Glad I have seen this site…Need this so much..

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