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Case Study provides complete solutions for designing, editing, formatting, publishing and promoting books. The website was completely designed by their very own Sunny Kapoor (the Founder and Creative Director), and we were given the task to develop the site making it fully customizable and implementing many complex features in it. We used wordpress to achieve our task and highly customized it to get a high quality product.

The Challenge

The primary objective of the website was to maintain huge amounts of pages. Other than the content management aspect of the whole website, the two important requirements were implementing a book display store where they could display and promote the featured books and the business card gallery. It also required a Gallery where they could display the designed covers for their books.

Other challenges included implementing various types of forms, each different from the other in many aspects. The business card layouts required to be linked with the forms such that the user can customize and order the printing of the respective cards easily. Also linking the orders with the PayPal payment system was a major feature. Other requirements included implementation of different types of posting ability like news and a dedicated blog.

The Solution

WordPress, as we all know, does a great job in managing the content whether it is in pages or in posts. We enabled customization of all the pages via the admin panel and implemented the ability to post news updates or blog posts.

The book display store was again managed properly using various categories and filtering options. Obviously, the user can easily edit the image and the details of the book. The print service of business card was a bit tricky to implement but we succeeded in it with flying colours. We used jQuery to display the various business card templates in an eye soothing manner. Connected each card template to the details posted by the respective forms and connected the ordering system to PayPal. We also used jQuery based galleries to display the portfolio of designed book covers.

The website as a whole was pretty complex and included many carousels and forms but everything was implemented in a light user friendly way. We even added social networking features to share the website and its content easily to promote growth of the site and advertisement for the books displayed on it.

The site was completely optimized for search engines and additional features were installed like the integration of Google Analytics within the dashboard displaying the statistics about each post and page.

Launch Website

PublishingGurus is a start up publishing company. They wanted us to develop their website which required tons of features. We developed the complete website using wordpress.


Publishing Gurus

Skills Used

Wordpress, PHP, jQuery, mySQL, xHTML/CSS

Project Highlights

Being a start- up company, the website gave a great start to their business and boosted the printing orders for business cards and had a big positive influence in attaining new clients for designing, formatting, editing and publishing of books. They recently also stepped into creating videos and advertisements and we are soon going to integrate a video library into the site. Here is their new title montage.