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Proactive Solutions UK


Case Study

Buck Design Ltd. wanted a single page website developed for their new client, Proactive Solutions. This single page website would act as an online business card which would just contain the contact details about the company.

The Challenge

Overall the project was a simple single paged static site but the design team had a particular specification about the design. They wanted the blue abstract box in the design to be exactly at a certain distance from the logo when the page loads and they wanted it to touch the right edge of the browser at all time.

The Solution

The design of the webpage was made for a particular resolution. But web pages can be viewed in a variety of screen resolutions. Now if the screen resolution of the computer was higher than the one designed for, then obviously the abstract blue box would move away from the logo as it needed to be attached to the right edge of the browser.

After discussing it with the design team, we came to the conclusion that the first impression of the site should be such that, the box is at that much distance from the logo as it was in the design. The only possible way to achieve this was to reset the browser window to a size which would bring the blue abstract box closer to the logo. This fulfilled their first demand of the blue abstract box being near the logo when the user first opens the site. If the user increases the web browser’s size, the blue abstract box is always attached to the right edge of the browser which satisfies their second demand.

Launch Website

Proactive Solutions is a single page business card type website which we coded for BuckDesign Studios.


Buck Design Ltd.

Skills Used

xHTML/CSS, Design Slicing, Java-script

Project Highlights

Proactive Solutions were very happy with the end product and are planning to increase their online budget and convert their simple single page webpage into a content management system website.