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Personal Computer Assistant

Personal Computer Assistant

This was my first venture to develop a small application based on windows operating system. I use to spend loads of time sitting in front of my computer and use to miss out on small appointments and other events. Hence, I just thought of creating a virtual personal assistant for myself to remind me of my appointments and help me out with my daily computer needs.

Personal Computer Assistant is a very simple application and has very common features. Anyone who uses a computer a lot will be benefited by it. This was developed by myself and a very close friend of mine, Rakesh. Below is a demo graphical user interface which shows how the software looks like and how the user can interact with it. The main buttons in this demo GUI are interactive and you can click on them to know more about the different features.

Once installed the application minimizes itself to the system tray. Whenever you click on it, the main window is maximized and the emergency note pad is in focus automatically. I implemented this feature because many a times I needed to scribble something and had to start notepad. So I thought this would faster and comfortable for me. After writing in the emergency notepad, you can save it anywhere you want. The application is still in Beta phase. You can download and check it out. Don’t forget to comment! ;)


Windows Installer 3.1

Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0

Supported Operating Systems:
Currently only supported in Microsoft Windows XP and Windows operating systems before that.


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You have improved it a lot after I left the project. This thing is really helpful and I request others to provide suggestions for further improvement of this utility.

I think you should mention the supported Operating Systems.

Thanks for pointing it out Rakesh. I have updated the post with the currently supported Operating Systems.

I like web design a lot. Your website is awesome. Do you guys know any good web classes that I can take?

Thank you Shara. Well, there are loads of tutorials on the internet which you can follow on a regular basis. But at the end of the day, its practice that is going to improve your skills :)

Sumeet…..i am really spellbound seeing such a site developed by you……i cant believe my eyes my small next door bro is such a good developed….surely i will refer your name to my friends….

Haha, thank you bhaiya, truly honoured that you liked it :)

hi, Great web site thanks for sharing.

Sweet site, super layout, really clean and utilize friendly .

I like this web blog so much, saved to favorites .

Happened to stumble upon ur site n guess what i kept stuck to it for hours.You have shared so much of your experience that is worth a reading.Tried out ur listify and PCA..Helps.Cheers and keep up the good work.

hi summit pls tell how to make ppt of personal computer assistant

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