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J Guevara Novels


Case Study

Joe Guevara is an author who wanted a clean yet classy site. His main requirement was to display his featured novels, poetry books and also a blog to discuss his writings or just blog about his thoughts and future ventures.

The Challenge

To keep a site classy and yet attractive to make it stand up from all the other author sites out there on the web. It had to be a content management system so that the author can easily update his existing novels, the upcoming ones and poetry books. The other goal was to revolve the site around marketing the novels in a proper way to boost the sales up. Joe was about to launch his new book The Twain Shall Meet Again and hence the deadline of the launch of the book, along with the site, was very short.

The Solution

We planned out the whole concept of the site and broke it down into four major modules as per Joe’s requirements. These modules consisted of the landing page, the novels specific section, a blog section and the about the author section.

The main page would give an overview of the whole site to the user, as in, display the latest blog posts, the coming soon novels and specifically stress on the released novels along with the portals where they are sold. The novels page would contain a list of the novels, details about them, related reviews and the links where the user can go to buy them. Each novel would have a detailed page dedicated solely to it. The blog page would contain the blog posts and other related news stressing primarily on the social networking of the author and passing the information on to other networking sites. The whole content management system was customized to properly handle the novels and the related minute details.

Launch Website

J Guevara is an author who wanted a clean yet classy site to display his novels and blog about his writings.


Joe Guevara

Skills Used

Design, xHTML / CSS, Wordpress CMS, jQuery

Project Highlights

The timely launch of the website boosted the sales of his newly published novel. This gave him ample time to start working on a new book without having to worry about the promotion of his latest one. It’s funny how a website can solve all your problems.