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iPhone Application Website Template HTML5 CSS3

iPhone Application Template

This is a very sleek, Web 2.0 website designed by based on a theme for iPhone applications. We have developed it into a HTML5 / CSS3 template with some jQuery and it’s free for download!

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Nowadays, when it comes to iPhone, ‘There is an App for everything’. So we thought of slicing up an iPhone application themed template so that all those budding developers can have an iPhone app site of their own. But this time we went a step ahead. Instead of the regular xHTML/CSS templates, we developed this into a HTML5 template which uses traces of CSS3 and some jQuery magic. The template can be integrated with any existing content management system or web application. So go ahead, unleash the coder in you and develop a great iPhone application. Then use this HTML5/CSS3 web template to share it with the world :D Do let us know if you need any help. After all we are Code-Pal!

iPhone Application Website Template HTML5 CSS3
iPhone Application Website Template HTML5 CSS3

After downloading the source code and the files, you can reuse the code, learn by modifying it or try out new things with your own images if you may. It would be a great gesture if you could link back to us if you use our code in any project of yours and to , if you use their design.

When you download this template, you can always let us know how you liked it, just share your views or tell us how you used it. We will provide more free templates in the future and we need your encouragement to do so!

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Hey there Sumeet Chawla, How you doing? IndiBlogger is coming back to Kolkata, our favorite city after very long time. Its been 2 years since IndiBloggers last meet. We hope to catch up again at the meet!Did you sign up for Kolkata IndiBlogger Meet If you haven’t already, do sign up today, Only 200 seats available. Entry is free with loads of fun. Cheers,
IndiBlogger Team

Hi! Am doing great. I won’t be able to make it this time buddy :| Next time for sure :) Have fun.. Do blog about it :D

I’ve been searching for this kind of website template for ages!
Thank you so so much for the share!

Awesome info – cheers. I am quite interested in iPhone app stuff at the moment, lolz. :]

In order to build iPhone app it is not exactly necessary using HTML5, although it is innovative and brings some fresh flavor to your app on the level of coding, and it is quite easy to use. Just remember how simple the tag looks like. But, not everyone is a geeky-prof at programming and/or developing part. Thus, you might consider using online services for building your own iPhone or Android app. One of those is Seattle Clouds (, that offers WYSIWYG service. There you may simply select a starter application template and get editing it till you reach the set up goal of your app. So far, worked for me.

Cheers! ;)

Hello Sumeet thanks for share , do you have this Template in normal HTML\CSS not HTML5 and CSS3.0

Nope sorry, don’t have the xHTML/CSS version. Whats the problem in using this one? :)

Html5 and css3 are future technology !!
This theme is very simple and nice
Thanks !! In my collection


I can’t able to download this. Can you please help on this.

You can just click on download, register for mail subscription (optional) if you want and your download will start automatically :)

Very nice set of PSD templates well done, can we see more in future?

Lovely collection and great job.
Your designs are beautiful.
Keep up the good job.

Very nice tutorial, excelent design. Tks for sharing.

Hi, I am new to html 5. I tried to place my own photos and banner into this template. Sometimes it shows up correctly in the preview but not when I go on the web. Sometimes it doesn’t even show the new photos in preview, but shows the original ones (even though I have deleted them). Any ideas what I am doing wrong? I am using text wrangler.

hi Sumit,

As most of the people loves to use the iphone apps so that design of the iphone apps must be user friendly. Good to see your iphone app, have you bought the iphone app template or designed the template on your own as I usually buy the app design templates from instead of hiring a iphone designer.

Hey Rajesh, well, this particular iphone template is a free design which a very good designer contributed to the community. So similarly, I converted it’s template to provide the html template to the community :)

Nice and simple landing page for selling iphone apps, you should make a responsive version now that we all in the mobile times =)

Best thing is that all the text from the template is fully customizable, event the buttons.

WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for

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