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How we got 2500 hits in a single day without even mentioning about our product

How another website helped us get 2500 hits in a single day, well, technically speaking.

Ever since my team and I won the Yahoo India Hack 2012, we have been working on developing our hack into a proper product which people would love to use. We spent sleepless nights over the weekend in planning, designing and executing the perfect UX and UI which can give the feel of using a premium product. To be frank, our product is still in the alpha stage and we are still finalising the MVP which we can share with a limited set of people, get feedback, re-iterate etc that is, just follow the basic lean methodology principles of building a product.

During all this, we suddenly notice on our analytics account that there is a huge jump in traffic, just in a single day. This left us completely bewildered. At first we were surprised and kind of excited but then we realised this does not usually happen without announcing about the website. So we started digging deep into it and looked at all the pages and the real time visits. To our surprise, we found an active landing page to be something, which does not even exist on our product website. :(

So after finding out next lead of detecting how we are getting so much traffic, we start looking up the active page being shown on our Google Analytics account. After doing a lot of search, we find out about an Australian based company called Thinqtek. Supposedly, they are launching a new product called NewGenBook and they just launched a new landing page of their product which is a direct ‘copy/paste’ of our homepage with just the background image changed :| This came as a big shocker to us.

Our product homepage:

Their landing page:

Not only is the design same, even the CSS3 animations which we wrote are the same. The only thought which came to my mind after this was, if the developer was smart enough to directly copy paste the entire website, how did he miss out on the Google Analytics code which went with it :|

This whole experience was really new for me and to be frank really sad, being an entrepreneur and being excited about start ups, it’s really disappointing to see fellow start ups and entrepreneurs to do something like this. After discovering this, we had no idea how to go about the next step. We did mail the company about this issue and they are saying that they inspired from our website and not copied anything :| . Any guidance regarding this would be greatly appreciated.

Update: Jason at Thinqtek mailed me regarding this saying that he will investigate into this and change the design if required.

But nonetheless, we did get 3000 visits (technically speaking) in a single day without even mentioning about the product to anyone. That is a whole new experience in itself. :D

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Try to resolve the matter within both of you and get the compensation accordingly and if diplomacy fails, try to make a DMCA complaint, supply necessary proofs and take down their website.

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