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How to Create a FAQ Page with WordPress and Custom Post Types

In the web world, a FAQ page is created specifically for the viewers/customers, and contains general questions and their respective answers about a particular product or service. This tutorial details the process of creating a dedicated FAQ section in the WordPress backend with custom post types, as well as how to spice up the actual page a bit by using jQuery and CSS.

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I wrote a tutorial for NetTuts about how to use the ever popular Blogging/CMS platform WordPress, to create a dedicated FAQ section in the back-end using ‘Custom Post Types’. Then fetch those custom post types and display in the front end in a spiced up manner using jQuery and CSS3.
This is what the end product will look like.

Create a faq page with wordpress and custom post types final

When the user clicks on any of the FAQs, the page will scroll down automatically to the respective answer and highlight it.

Current Faq Section

Check out the complete tutorial on Nettuts and create some cool, interactive FAQs page for your own site. Do share your creations with us :)

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great efforts sumeet.. i saw u on tutsplus.. and came here to know you in detail.. i love to work with wordpress and a lot is still to do like u..

wishing best of luck

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