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Formwork Company


Case Study

Formworks Company is a private construction company based in the United Kingdom. After completing the branding and the concept of their site, Buck Design Ltd. required us to convert their design into a static yet dynamic brochure website.

The Challenge

The site was designed in such a way that it contained a number of blocks distributed all over the page. It was the requirement of the design to give that look and feel to the site and it was our job to implement those blocks in the most efficient way possible. The primary requirement was to implement a gallery which would enable the user to update images and the details for different projects just by uploading the images via a FTP client. In some of the pages, the images were to be made dynamic such that they keep rotating with time.

The Solution

We implemented the site in the most efficient manner possible. Minimum amount of images were used to reduce bandwidth usage and enable super fast loading of the site. Most of the design boxes were implemented using purely cascading styles. The gallery was implemented using a PHP based open source gallery which was modified according to the design’s requirement. It enabled the user to update images and information related to a project by creating a folder by the project’s name. The gallery would do the job of fetching the data and images from the folder and displaying it in the website according. The rotating images implemented in the ‘Portfolio’ and the ‘Company Documents ‘ was implemented using jQuery.

Launch Website

Formworks Company is a private construction company based in the United Kingdom. They required a static brochure site consisting of a gallery.


Buck Design Ltd.

Skills Used

xHTML/CSS, Java-script, PHP, Gallery

Project Highlights

The Formworks Company’s site received a great response. The easy management of the projects data and images, even though the site has no integrated content management system, was the main advantage to the site. The enthusiastic response to the site has benefited a lot to the company.