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Formwork Company v2


Case Study

Formworks Company is a private construction company based in the United Kingdom. We developed their static website sometime back which helped their business a lot. With time, the content of the site increased and so did the need for advanced features which a static website could not provide them. So they again approached Buck Design Ltd. for the solution. The site's design was re-touched a bit and we integrated the content management system using WordPress and also implemented some really advanced features like Feedback with voting system, Recruitment System etc.

The Challenge

The site's modular design structure was very easy to convert to xHTML/CSS3. The main challenge was to integrate the CMS in the most efficient way possible. The homepage of the side needed a carousel of the featured posts and the featured news integrated as one continuous stream.

All the pages in the site are of static height, hence we had to implement proper scroll bars so that the size of the content would not be restricted and the scroll bar could not destroy the look and feel of the website. The same stood for the portfolio page's projects list.

One of the main requirements of the projects was that each project could have any amount of project images and our goal was to display them in a proper user friendly manner such that it does not affect the site's loading time.

The news and recruitment pages needed simple methods for posting new entries. The recruitment page required a special recruitment form which was to be linked with the respective recruitment posting. The contact page required a simple contact form as well contrasting to the previous version of the static site.

The biggest challenge was to implement a feedback suggestion system with threaded commenting and a voting mechanism to vote up the best feedback suggested.

The Solution

We used WordPress as the CMS for the site. WordPress' immense flexibility helped us overcome the challenges easily. We made use of custom posts and custom taxonomies to make the content management very efficient and user friendly. It also made our work easy in implementing the multi type carousel at the homepage.

We used jQuery a lot on the site to achieve the utmost level of efficient interactivity and user friendliness keeping the site's accessibility in mind. The scrollbars became design friendly and served the purpose perfectly.

The project images were implemented in such a manner that the user can view the images as they are or enlarge them and even control the flow of images. All these were implemented in such a manner that the loading time of the images does not give a bad experience to the user.

Implementing the contact form was easy where as the recruitment form was a bit tricky as we had to link the form to the respective recruitment posting.

Finally, the feedback system was implemented by customizing WordPress further and integrating the threaded comment system and the voting sytem within it.

Launch Website

Formworks Company got so impressed by our work on their static site that they wanted us to upgrade the site to a content management system.


Buck Design Ltd.

Skills Used

Wordpress, PHP, jQuery, mySQL, xHTML/CSS

Project Highlights

The content management system and various customized advanced features helps the company update their projects and news, post for new recruitments and attain customer feedback easily. We even took up the responsibility of creating an advertisement video (storyboard designed by BuckDesign Ltd.) for the company.