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Deadstocker Fashion Template

A very modern looking, dark themed based, Fashion website template. This beautiful site is designed by Vladimir Kudinov This complete template is HTML5 based with a cool jQuery slider.

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Fashion blogs and e-commerce websites change their look and feel almost every year. The last HTML5 template we developed for the community was greatly appreciated. Hence, we decided that from no on, what ever template we develop for the community, is going to use the latest HTML5 technologies. This template is no exception either. It contains semantic HTML5 tags to give that SEO edge, contains HTML5 auto validations for form fields and other HTML5 goodies.

This template can be used to run a Fashion oriented blog or even create the homepage for a fashion based e-commerce website. If you want to be adventurous, you can modify the template and use it for any other general purpose blog too. Do let us know if you need any help or any other category of free template.

After downloading the source code and the files, you can reuse the code, learn by modifying it or try out new things with your own images if you may. It would be a great gesture if you could link back to us if you use our code in any project of yours and to , if you use their design.

When you download this template, you can always let us know how you liked it, just share your views or tell us how you used it. We will provide more free templates in the future and we need your encouragement to do so!

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Hi :) , do you know if it is possible on how I can upload this template on blogger.

Greatly appreciated .

Hey Ali, you need to use the HTML template and integrate it with the Blogger CMS api :)

Hi, if you don’t mind can you explain that a bit more in depth please.

Thanks, for your time to reply.

Sorry, if you can email me the instructions on my email

I apologize for the inconvenience but thank you for your time.

Can you please reply :)

I’m unable to see responses, I can see the number in responses change but I can’t see what your replying please send it to

hey I wanted to know if they template can be used on wix and how I want to design my online magazine better

Hey Nyla,

These templates are just pure html css templates. I am sure Wix will have an option of importing an html template :) Regarding making your online magazine better, do contact us and we can guide you properly :)

thank you
but i coudn’t download

Nice Template….. Thanks…

Any responsive version? I do really neef that template for an urgent work!

That template fits exactly my need on a project but it is not responsive :( ! Any responsive version?

I download the zip file but when I upload to my cpanel and try to install its incomplete. Tried serveral times from several sites. Anywhere I can get a good copy?? Love the site!!

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