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Web Prototype Interface™

Personal Computer Assistant

Personal Computer Assistant is a virtual assistant software which acts like a personal assistant to you. It is basically a helping hand, reminder, planner and informer for users who sit in front of the computer most of their time. The main goal of this software is to help the computer user in maintaining schedule, managing the computer and helping him out in whichever way possible. This software is still under construction and has a very long way to go. You can download the aplha version of the software and try it out. Any kinds of suggestions are always welcome.

Schedule Shutdown

Schedule Shutdown is a feature built keeping in mind the users who fall asleep with their computers switched on or if they want to switch it off in their absence. For example many users like listening to music on their computer and go off to sleep. They can use this feature to schedule a shutdown few minutes or hours after they lie down. People who are downloading large files can also schedule a shutdown if they can estimate the time it will take to complete the download. The main idea of this feature is to conserve power. On clicking the schedule shutdown button, a new window docks out of the main window as shown in the diagram above.

Day Planner

Day planner is a very basic feature and loads of applications out there provide it. But as this software has been constructed keeping in mind the amount of time the user sits in front of the pc, the software will give alerts to the user when the planned time comes and will even ask the user to plan for a new day.


The Calendar is a very simple modified version of the system calendar which is displayed on clicking on the system tray. Its same as the system calendar except that, the user can plan events and keep reminders by selecting which ever date the user wants to plan, by just clicking on that date in the calendar itself. The window expands and the user can enter the event with ease. The dates to which an event is added become bold in the calendar and the user can retrieve the information related to that date by just clicking on it anytime he wants.


The snapshot feature is one of the coolest features to be included in this package. Many a time the user wishes to take a screen shot of the desktop and save it, which is a very lengthy procedure. Generally, the most common method is to press the print screen button, open paint, paste the screen shot by pressing ‘Ctrl+V’ and then save the image of the user wishes to . Where as this virtual assistant makes it a lot simpler. Whenever the user wants to take a quick snap of the screen, he has to just click on the system tray icon to maximize the main window, and click the Snapshot button. That’s it! The image of the screen comes right away on the window which docks itself to the main window. The user then has to option to save the image.


‘Goals’ is one of the features which are under construction. It enables the user to set short and long term goals with respect to hours, days, months or years. The user can set deadlines for these goals. The software constantly keeps reminding the user if any deadline is approaching. The user also has the option of removing the goals whenever he wants to.


Planner Alert Setting

The Personal Computer Assistant settings are very simple and user friendly so that the user can customize his virtual assistant the way he wants to. The personal computer assistant team is constantly working on including more settings so that the user can customize the software to any level that he wants. Currently it has four different settings. Using the planner time alert setting, the user can set the time when he wants to be reminded of entering the plans for a new day. This reminder alert will be given everyday at that allotted time.

Docking Speed Setting/Animation Speed Control

The docking speed setting customizes the speed at which the windows dock out and in of the main window of the assistant. The user can adjust the speed to his comfort or can set the default speed of docking anytime he wishes to. The speed varies from super slow, where the windows will animate out at a very slow speed, to super fast, where the windows animate out almost instantly. The user can customize this animation effect according to his mood.

Colour Setting

The Colour settings is one of the most basic customizable settings available in this software. The user can select the colour of the interface from a vast variety of colours according to his taste and mood.

Opacity Setting

The user can use the opacity setting to control the transparency of the assistant. It gives a very modern look to the application and different users find their own advantages of having this transparency feature. The transparency level varies from twenty five to hundred on a scale of hundred, with the default value being ninety five.


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