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Case Study

Clinova is an international pharmaceuticals company. They approached Buck Design Ltd. to get their online identity renovated to a very professional one. They required highly customized pages because of the variety of products they have.

The Challenge

Being a pharmaceutical company, they have a large variety of medical products. Their requirement was that the whole site should be based on a content management system such that they themselves can update the site in a very easy manner. They also required the site to be multi-lingual. The primary challenges that we faced were in the three most important parts of the site, the products area, news area and research area.

The products page required to be pretty complex with each product having its own customized styling according to the product. The news page was pretty simple as it just required three different categories to be listed in the same page and also in the homepage. The research page was the tricky one as they had a particular demand for a graph representing the different stages of their research cycle. This graph would be dynamic and they should be able to update the stage of the research for any particular product through the content management system itself.

The Solution

The complete project required a detailed hierarchical structure of how the data should be organized in the content management system. We used the Google’s translate API to enable multilingual support of around fifty seven international languages. The site was developed keeping efficient user interactivity in mind such that maximum time is spent in browsing through the content. After chalking out the structure, our primary goal was to implement the interactivity required for the research graph. The structure was planned out in such a way that all the primary details for a product, the graphics related to it and all its meta-data were encapsulated together to represent a single entity. Then this single entity could be accessed anywhere in the site to represent the data in any format required as per the design.

The research stages of a particular product were also included as meta-data to the product. This enabled them to easily update the research stage which would reflect in the research graph in the appropriate manner. The site also required implementations of other categories like details about the company, partnerships, careers, connect and contact us with integrated Google map. The backend administration panel of the site was also customized to give a professional look and feel to the employees.

Launch Website

Clinova is an international pharmaceuticals company. Their main requirement was customized products page and research graph.


Buck Design Ltd.

Skills Used

xHTML/CSS, Java-script, Wordpress CMS, Google Translate API

Project Highlights

The Clinova site was launched at an international medical conference at Dubai. The site was a runaway hit at the conference and the pharmaceutical company got a huge response. The proper organization of the data has helped them in efficient site management and their online presence has never been better.