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Case Study

Clarion Consultancy Services are pioneers in offering consultation, and active solutions from corporate research to close protection with support to governments, large multinational corporations and individuals. They wanted a website which could provide these services and training online and allow users to register and pay for the tutorials. Buck Design Ltd. did a great job in designing a user friendly, modern design and now it was our job to deliver an efficient CMS for content and user management.

The Challenge

The main challenge in this website was to implement a hierarchical membership system with three levels of members. Allowing users to register on their own, pay for the membership fee and access premium tutorials. Also to differentiate the kind of content the users can access based on their membership level.

We also had to implement a dashboard where the member can update his profile or upgrade to a higher level of membership. Other important stuffs included proper management of pages, contact forms, Google map integration etc.

The Solution

Our choice for content management system was WordPress. Also the fact that WordPress’ user management system is very efficient, it was our primary choice. Proper management of pages and content was easily implemented. WordPress was highly customized to implement the hierarchical architecture for user membership, facilitate the payment system for membership registration and proper accessibility of content based on the membership level.

Launch Website

Clarion Consultancy Services is a paid membership oriented website which provides discreet, highly professional protective security, surveillance and intelligence services.


Buck Design Ltd.

Skills Used

Wordpress, CMS & Membership System, PHP/mySQL, xHTML/CSS3/jQuery

Project Highlights

Since the launch of the website, user registrations have increased rapidly. The automated payment system and the hierarchical membership levels have enabled them to easily release training materials without worrying about distributing it to different members, based on their membership level.