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Chrome Browser Extension For Listify

We are proud to launch the Google Chrome browser extension for the Listify tool. This extension makes it even easier to convert text to HTML list elements, right from your browser.

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Listify is an online tool we created some time back for quickly converting text to HTML list elements or wrapping the text with appropriate, required html tags. To make the complete conversion process even faster and make the tool more easily accessible, we created a Google Chrome Extension, specially for you. You can install the browser extension from the Google Chrome Web Store. With this new extension, you can convert text to HTML lists in two easy ways, either by copy-pasting the text in the pop up window of the chrome extension, or by directly selecting the text from the browser page, right clicking and selecting listify!

Here are some of the previews of the chrome extension user interface and features.


  • One click generation of HTML elements.
  • Select text from page to convert.
  • Copied to clipboard automatically.
  • Notifications to confirm conversion.

The Extension Pop Up Window

You can just click on the Listify icon on your browser to open the pop up window. Just paste the text, configure the settings and convert text into html elements. :)

Context Menu Option

The chrome extension has a feature of converting text to HTML elements from the browser page directly. You can do this just by selecting the text. You can even select the type of list you want that selected text to be converted to. As easy as that.

The best part about this extension is that, as soon as you convert the text to the HTML elements, the complete generated code is copied to the clipboard so that you can go ahead and paste it in your code, saving precious time to concentrate on other important things.

Save Settings

As mentioned above, you can directly convert text to HTML elements from the browser page. For this purpose, you can save the “delimiter” or the “ignore digits” settings in the extension pop up window.

Priceless Feedback

Help us make the tool better so that we can help increase your productivity even further. What more features would you like? Does the tool help you while developing HTML pages? Is it fast enough? We would love what ever feedback you have regarding the extension or the Listify tool as a whole.

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Now I use google mozilla firefox. I benefit it so much. I think your Google Chrome Extension is also helpful to people because it related with google. Moreover I like your Listify tool very much. Really I want to get connected this Google Chrome Extension. Thanks a lot.

thank you so much. glad you liked it.

The extension works like charm! Thanks a lot for sharing. :-)

thank you so much. glad you liked it. Do share your feedback :)

Your creating job is very helpful to me. Because i want to do some thing like you. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the informative post. It was helpful……….

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